At Custom Tuning Services I personally look after every car myself & as if it were my own, I do anything from a simple light globe change to a full engine/driveline transplant. The current list of vehicles I work on & maintain range from 1980’s model Nissan Pulsar & same age Toyota Corolla to 2009 Merc & same age BMW or 2011 Holden VE. I have all the appropriate tools, diagnostic equipment & specified lubricants to suit the full range.

My pet hobby & quickly becoming a more important avenue of my work is performance dyno tuning, I’ve personally tuned my own vehicles & bought different applications to get a better range & understanding.

As many people may know & some may not, getting your vehicle tuned doesn’t not just mean you want to drive it hard it’s just a matter of setting the vehicle up the way it’s supposed to be! The manufacturer can’t custom tune every car off the production line they just have a base file & put it in thousands, to get it to run to its optimum will just be getting it made the way it should be giving enough time from the factory.

Another possibly little known fact is as a rule of thumb when you get the vehicle custom tuned it saves you money depending on the way it’s driven, if it’s driven sedately you will actually get a better response out of the car thus you don’t need to push the pedal as hard to get to the same point! But if you want to let loose & really get the car moving or frying tyres you’ll be getting it there quicker & easier too!


Here are a few examples below & cars on the dyno!